Field Value(s) Comment
SumoRobot name You will see the new name when you reconnect.
Sonar threshold Adjust on which distance (cm) the sonar blockly block and blue LED sees objects.
Left line threshold How big the difference between black and white has to be to sense a line.
This generally only has to be adjusted in very bright conditions (e.g. sun).
The line sesnor values are 0 - 4096 (smaller values for white, higher for black).
Right line threshold
Left servomotor
Max Min
Min Max
Each Servomotor is slightly different and this is why we need to calibrate them.
After successfully calibrating both motors, the SumoRobot will drive more straight.

Search for the maximum and minimum speed of each motor in both direction.
For the maximum speed, try to find where the motor does not go anymore faster.
For the minimum speed, try to find where the motor still slightly moves.
NB: The numbers do not represent the speed, it's an internal calibration parameter.
Right servomotor
Max Min
Min Max

Update the SumoFirmware

Latest available SumoFirmware is None.
To update, connect your SumoRobot via USB cable and hit Update.
If updating does not work on any baudrate, try SumoManager.


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